The Mist

Has anyone seen The Mist? Its a movie based on a Stephen King novel. One of the best movies I’ve seen in recent memory and can’t help but think the whole plot, setting and atmosphere were built for a game...

Imagine, the mind blowing graphics using Unreal Engine 3.5 where it can render the retail market and environments in an unmatched detail, the conversation branches presented within Mass Effect -- all presented in first person glory. And no, it won’t be an FPS rather a fusion of genres in a first person perspective, think Bioshock but with stronger focus on plot progression and non-player character interaction. Most of all, consistently pushing gamers to make choices -- the hard ethical ones or more commonly known as moral deadlocks.

This game would match anything in the next-gen lineup, it’ll be a classic in the purest sense. I see this game’s length round 5 to 6 hours, since the setting is simply within a town and later on concentrates on two key areas -- the retail store and pharmacy, plus a bit of driving in the latter part. And the game would retail for around $40, charging consumers $60 for a game with that length of play time? Insane. So I recommend the sweet spot for gamers, $40 should do.

Add in some arcade machines within the retail supermarket area and tons of mini games and you’ve got a shenmue-ish kind of gameplay.

Watch the movie, amazing. As for the game -- it won’t come out anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

great idea! love the movie! creepy!