Stability for Insanity

It baffles me on how ineffably greedy these Middle Eastern Oilmen are. Sure, the world’s financial system’s crumbling, reductions in workforce, and little Jennifer can’t get a damn safe milk from China. Yes, the world as we know it is on the verge of a financial collapse. And people said The End would be triggered by WMDs.

Greed has become the sole cause of this financial crisis, and it seems the overabundance of it is apparent all too well with the grandfather of oil manipulating bastards, OPEC.

They impulsively decided to lower current production volumes on oil that their much hated and yet needed organization churns out. One morning they suddenly realized that world demand has decreased and prices of their precious produce have simultaneously slid. The only way to curtail such a downward spiral of price, according to their chief, is to abruptly reduce production.

OPEC has publicly declared their desired stable price range for their money making black gold, at a ‘steady’ $70 to $90 barrel -- fair enough (well, not really).

However, the unstable price range of $145 per barrel was never perceived by OPEC as a price concern. Guess on their end, it was still pretty ‘stable’.

As such, as defined by our oil producing brothers, ‘stable’ oil prices means $70 and above while ‘unstable’ prices lands at $69 and below. Genius.

Apple Notebooks Refreshed!

So the next phase of Apple’s notebook has begun with the introduction of the significantly redesigned Macbook Pro and Macbook Aluminum with updates for both their 17” Macbook Pro line and Macbook Air -- the former having a stock 4G RAM and the latter having a 50% increase in HD capacity and a dedicated graphics card.

The new Macbook has an exceptional design but the MBP seems a bit forced. It would’ve been great if they redesigned the Air with the black bezel – I know, I know, Apple notebooks have an obligatory design lifespan of bout 24 months, but please, for the sake of aesthetic consistency!

When the new MBP, Macbook and Air are lined up in a row, the difference of '"The Thin One" is all too glaring for any aesthetic whore in the market.

Granted, the Air remains incredibly stunning. As a writer, I don’t see myself lunging around a 4.5 pound Macbook. I don’t need the extra weight, the extra ports and the optical drive.

The Air’s for me, as I am for the Air.

It gives me a lengthy period to save for January 2010 when the expected refresh comes along. Perhaps, it’d be lighter? Surely more powerful and possibly equipped with OSX 10.7 – who knows?

For now, the HP Mini would have to do. VISTA’s so far been stable from my vantage point and all the irate feedback have so far been baseless (benchmarked that is to my experience).

And I find it quite amusing how comfy the HP Mini is when lined up with the new Apple notebooks.
It's rather at home with the new design path Apple's implementing.

The Republican Base

Currently have no plans on significantly updating the blog, however, I just couldn’t resist the overwhelming temptation to post this. Being way north of liberal in my political and social views, I have associated myself to the principles of the Blue Party – democrats.

The rhetoric may be strong from both parties but its crystal to which character assassination is done religiously and the source of such rhetoric.

If this is the Republican voter base the McCain-Palin tandem is oh so proud of, then I have nothing but sympathy for democrats and other sane and thinking individuals in the US.

Obama/Biden ‘08