A Condemned Choice

Yesterday I came acroos a review in 1up.com of Monolith’s Condemned 2: Bloodshot for Xbox360 and PS3 -- they gave a straightforward and praise-wrothy A-, which got me pumped, thinking these guys are the same pool of skilled game journalists from EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly). They’re well known for credible and an untainted reputation in delivering honest to goodness reviews, neither influenced by management nor clients. Therefore, whatever review they churn out, its credible and the assurance of accuracy exists.

However, it eventually seemed contradictory to other reviews that cropped up from other well established gaming sites. The game had a mix rating of average to above average. An aspect was consistent though, the game doesn’t bomb. Which brings me to my dilemma, I have a religious practice of purchasing games that are recognized for its critical status, for its reputation within the gaming community, but with this game - if considering other reviews and especially readers posting comments on how good it is, though not even near greatness, the urge to purchase the game seems to dwindle more.

Well, being a gamer for more than a decade, in purchasing a game, never rely on a single reviewer, ergo the purpose of metacritic.com and other sites catering to service gamers in helping them make that 'informed choice'. And might as well read the comments from pockets of readers of gaming sites, perhaps they have some insightful remarks that you’d find very useful.

My conclusion, hold off the purchase - when Halloween's round the corner, might as well grab a heavily discounted copy of the game.