Red All Over

Is Microsoft serious? A ‘Red’ Xbox 360 for their so-called Resident Evil 5 Bundle. Mockingly -- either intentionally or not -- they’ve matched the color that broke the hearts of millions.

Note that this baby uses the same innards of a ‘Jasper’ unit which masses proclaim is the second coming -- it's believed that it completely alleviates the whole heat sink issue plaguing majority of 360 owners. Gut wrenched logic tells me a youtube vid featuring an RE5 360 with 3 red lights will randomly sprout – knowing what an EPIC FAIL the 360 hardware is.

Tech Feature: Mac's Mini

Finally, a rumored pic of the new mac mini in the wild, an update of Apple's entry desktop has long been overdue. Since most of Apple's revenues last year came from their Macbook line, they seem to be in no hurry to 'officially' revamp their diminutive hardware... yet.

The alleged redesigned mini intriguingly has a multitude of USB ports, 5 to be exact. Ports for Mini Display, Mini DVI, and the coveted FireWire 800 seem to be likewise existent.
It also runs at a cool 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo architecture with a 3MB L2 cache and a standard RAM of 2GB DDR3 at 1066MHz.


Colors of Green and Red

My 360 suddenly jumped ship recently to the land of 3RL and hardware treachery. The screen occasionally froze every 10mins of gameplay and displayed checkered colors of green and red – signs of pre-3RL. Recently had the unit fixed for the e74 and now the more common and mass loving hardware issue has finally blessed me.

Intriguing that consumers choose to even spend their cash for such an inferior system – hardware wise, guess it’s a testament to how strong and comprehensive the games 360 offers. I for one am still drawn to the system due to the upcoming games for ’09 (albeit a so far weaker one compared to the previous years) – the software lineup clearly trumps any hardware issues.

Granted, Sony does offer more of a high caliber lineup versus Microsoft’s, but we’re barely through the first quarter, certainly MS has something under its sleeves.

Here’s hoping for my 360’s revival and a more promising lineup for ’09.