Please Humor Me, It's a Monday

This vid’s just hilarious, viewed it thrice and still laughed out loud. It’s a Monday night, you need it.

Gaming Clip of the Week: Tales of Vesperia

After a solid release in Japan, Tales of Vesperia recently propelled a system that’s been long considered dead in the Japanese market. To see the game in motion with the title’s signature battle system is quite astonishing. Anyone who has played a “Tales of” game can’t help but get excited to see this series gets its next-gen treatment.

Hot Gaming News

Barely any noteworthy occurrence through the week (specifically in a period right before the money magnet 4th quarter) but it’s quite pleasing to see headlines of NPD figures for July showing the industry growing substantially.

So here you go, the headliners for the week:

Viva Pinata DS
Yes, Rare’s piƱata sim will see the light of day on a Nintendo platform. Read here

Epic and EA Make Love

Epic signs up with EA to publish a new IP being developed by their Polish brethren. Read here

X360 crushes PS3 in Japan

The unthinkable became thinkable. Read here

Booming Industry

Exploding sales equates to geeky millionaires. Read here

Gaming Clip of the Week: LittleBigPlanet

Since Sony has happily been throwing in bullets for this title’s hype-machine gun, it’d only be proper for 3rdWorldJargon to feature such a title. The vid presents the game’s eye-orgasmic visuals, fluid character animation, and excellent soundtrack.

LittleBigPlanet's slated for a Q4 release, only on Sony’s PS3.

Hot Gaming News

Another week, another set of news that broke headlines, news that echoed through the web and game pubs that’ll empower you to strike conversations within your very own geeky, nerd stricken circles.

Diablo 3 Art Director Axed?

Controversy over the much criticized art direction for Blizzard’s demonic dungeon crawler led to an online petition to overhaul its approach to the game’s aesthetic feel. Read

Xbox 360 Rises in the Land of the Rising Sun
Impossible you say? Well, with the latest figures, 360 could be next comeback kid. Read

Xbox Euro Boss Interview
Chris Lewis discusses 360's ochallenges, strategies and opportunities within Europe and the rest of Asia and Middle East. Read

Fable II Dated
Molyneux and Lionhead studio’s baby, Fable II, slated for a late October release window. Read

Sony’s Next LittleBigKiller App
LittleBigPlanet has garnered praises and adulations rare for a game not even out in the market. Sony touts the impact of the title for its overall gaming business. Read

Valve, Microsoft Bound?

A potential good purchase -- The House that Half-Life Built is open to an outright acquisition.

Doug Lombardi, Valve’s outspoken and respected VP, recently had an interview with Gamasutra stating the developer’s openness to an acquisition.

Microsoft should consider the prospect of a purchase to complement their lacking and somewhat empty first party line up of development houses. Unlike Take2 wherein the bulk of their sales have always been a multi platform affair, Valve's portfolio shows a strong leaning to the PC, a platform which Microsoft largely owns through their venerable Windows OS platform.

They’ll have the rights to franchises and IPs that would benefit their overall first party offering for both PC and Xbox platforms. Exclusively timed releases would massively benefit the 360 brand and still cater to Valve's PC following -- releasing titles in a ‘timely fashion’ on two platforms essentially on two different competitive spaces.

Microsoft has to step up in strengthening their first party exclusives -- Sony’s leaning to that strategy, it’d be in Microsoft’s best interest that they strengthen theirs since their embarrassing loss of superstar development houses the likes of Bizarre, Bioware and Bungie last year.

Please Humor Me, It's a Monday

Another first for 3rdWorldJargon, every Monday, to brush off those gloomy ‘I wish it was Sunday’ whinings, clips of hilarious and ‘laugh out loud’ vids should help you get through the most dreaded day of the week.

The clip for this week hails from the land of the rising sun, Asias ‘numero uno’ tech innovator and Philippines’ revered neighbor, Japan.

For a nation so disciplined and horny, they churn out the funniest pranks in recent history. And here’s one of them, a social experiment of sort. Check this vid and hope it tickles your fancy.

Hot Gaming News

3rdWorldJargon's first foray into focused gaming news, instead of plagiarising and mirroring content of industry headliners, links should suffice. Give everyone a favor and keep yourself up to date...

“360 a better platform for contemporary games” – Carmack
The lifeblood of id Software’s business – John Carmack, argues his thoughts on developing for both the 360 and PS3. read

“We want more exclusives” – Don Mattrick
360 boss declares intent on fast forwarding creation of new IPs for first party releases. read

Quake Con 2008
Tech, women, and odor-ridden geeky men... read

Too Human Goes Gold
Dennis Dyack’s brainchild, slated to be released later this month. read

Gaming Clip of the Week: Fallout 3 Gameplay

For this week’s gaming clip, hands down one of the most anticipated RPGs this year, Fallout 3 - to be released Q4 for the PC, 360 and PS3.

The vid gives a high level walkthrough on controls, menu interfaces, and actual gameplay, besides the high pitched voice of Bethesda's executive producer Todd Howard, the vid's pure visual satisfaction.