Tech Feature: Samsung T220

OH Yes, once I get the mullah, this 22inch baby's mine. The new Samsung T220 with its reddish outline sparks the aesthetic whore within me. Retailing for about P14,500 or $316 this is one affordable luxury item.

Can't wait to connect to my yet to be repaired 360 and start rocking with EA's Rock Band. My girlfriend sure digs the thought.

CNN Poll: Obama Wins Debate!

A recent poll conducted by the trusty old name in news concluded that majority of viewers strongly believe that Obama won the first bout against his aging rival. Apparently, CNN quickly interjects a disclaimer:

The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey is not a measurement of the views of all Americans, since only people who watched the debate were questioned and the audience included more Democrats than Republicans.

Yes, thanks CNN for conducting a useless Poll. It reminds me of a professor in Harvard who did a brilliant study on the percentage of vegetarian women ages 20 to 24 who'll choose to eat meat over veg. Amazingly out of a hundred veg women surveyed, all chose to eat, you guessed it, veg. -- by all accounts a self-fabricated story to drive my point.

You can read the entire CNN piece right here.

Hot Gaming News

Knowledge is power... empower yourselves kids.

Sonic Chronicles Reviewed!
Yes it's news. Sonic games have been saturated with damning criticisms. To see a Sonic game rated with such a high score, reminds of me of those Genesis-days. Bioware has done it. Read here

Activision Boss: "Pay Up!"
Acti CEO defends the role Guitar Hero plays within the industry. Read here

Kojima on Metal Gear Solid 5
This guy just won't let his baby be cannibalized by anybody. Read here

Lionhead and Rare Safe
After Microsoft's studio closing frenzy, they reassure the future of current first party developers. Read here

Tech Feature: New DELL LCD

Been a fan of Dell's LCD screens since I bought their 22" incher a year back. They're at it a again by releasing this beautiful 23" monitor at 1080p. Although I still prefer the previous trendy stand.


Gaming Clip of the Week: Too Human

After all the rage and debate over Too Human's potential to be Microsoft's next big thing... the tallies are in -- it failed to spark interest from gamers and critiques alike. Dennis Dyack can argue all he wants, the market has spoken.

A failed dream on Silicon Knight's end, a failed franchise on Microsoft's.

To honor the game killed by disastrous PR management, posted a gameplay vid of the game that could've been

Please Humor Me, It's a Monday (errr, Tuesday)

Not really the LOL type of sketch but witty and humorous nonetheless. Its the US elections, get familiar with it. The outcome would affect you in some cosmic way. A tortured vet or a black skinny dude, either of the two would drastically change the course of history and how global politics play out.

Been following the US elections since the DNC (Democratic National Convention) started. All the rhetorics seemed toned down compared to the mafia approach our local officials so confidently exude to signify power, status, and control. Totally. Not cool.

Seems Palin has stolen the spotlight from the other three candidates. People just can't get enough of the Alaskan conservative, her family, life story, religion, principles and values have drowned the online publications and news networks. (especially you, you republican cock sucking Fox News team)

She's been cannon fodder for toilet humor and no holds barred criticism by the left and center. One thing the dems can't downplay: Palin's incontestable impact on the election. It's a total media circus. And it's just getting started.

The Irony of It All

Anino Entertainment offices in Alabang Philippines was recently raided by authorities due to reports by Autodesk that they housed pirated copies of software in their workstations.

What should anyone make of this? It’s no secret that countless small and medium size enterprises utilize backup copies of software to drive down company expenses. Great for companies who are struggling to churn out profit from its operations. But is this right?

Legally, the answer is crystal. And from a business ethical standpoint (for what’s its worth), the answer echoes through. Any company who ventures into a business that requires tools or software to directly or indirectly deliver their finished products must abide by the laws that govern their industry.

Ironically, Anino Entertainment is a software company. When they released Anito (the first ever video game by a Philippine company) a few years ago, they were battling a similar issue – Piracy.

Surely if Anino Entertainment found out a certain company distributing pirated Anito copies for recreational activities for their respective employees, would'nt they have a similar if not greater reaction to what Autodesk did?

Releasing a product with much hype and media coverage, making a name in the Philippine gaming industry and not abiding by the basic fundamental laws governing and protecting businesses like theirs was ineffably fatuous.

A case of intellectual property insensitivity and improper business practices drove Anino Entertainment to this predicament. To say that they merited a ‘warning’ from the offended parties, would be an act of impassiveness and outright rejection of ideals that make the software development industry work.

Hot Gaming News

It’s been weeks since 3rdWorldJargon's last update on the latest in the industry that gamers so passionately love. To satiate that urge to be informed, collated the hottest and headline breaking news this week.

Dead Space Banned in 3 Countries
EA’s new IP has been the cannon fodder of market banishment for violent-phobia countries coming from the west. Read here

FarCry 2 Release
Ubisoft’s acquired IP from Crytek finally gets a firm release date next month. Read here

GTA4 at 10M
As predicted, GTA4 has reached the 10M milestone and joins the elite club of titles such as Halo, Gran Turismo, and other previous GTA releases. Read here

Tecmo Goes Cold Feet
SquareE’s bid for Tecmo fizzles. Read here

Gaming Clip of the Week: FarCry 2

Ubisoft’s LP Pharand gives a tour on their sequel to their joint venture with Crytek back in ’04. The vid showcases great visuals for both platforms, hardly any difference in performance and graphics.

The sequel is set to trump its predecessor -- a lofty goal, considering the critical and commercial success of the first iteration. However, Ubisoft's one of those rare publishers that recognize the importance of quality and growth of IP’s.

FarCry 2 is scheduled for an October 21 release date. Check out the video and feel the hype.