Afterthought: Mass Effect

This is crazy, started on my third playthrough with Mass Effect - Bioware has simply outdone themselves. Highly addictive gameplay, riveting storyline. Haven’t been ‘stuck’ with a Bioware game since Baldur’s Gate came out back in 1998 for the PC. Although a bit shorthanded on game length this game really takes a life of its own.

Whatever other well known reviewers say bout the game, giving it a measly above average grade, this game would stand the test of time. I simply can’t wait for the other two iterations (its a planned trilogy) whether it be a multiplatform game or not.

I’ve been reading a lot for the past few weeks with regard to the sex scene within the game - an utter overreaction by Fox Network and concerned ‘parents’. Videogames tagged as a medium of entertainment targeted at kids is so early 90s. Let me guess, groups calling for the crucifixion of Bioware and EA are the same bunch of people who desired Midway’s demise back in the early 90s when Mortal Kombat was released for the SNES and Genesis - a bit of an exaggeration, but hey, still the same argument.

Gamers can’t simply agree more with EA mentioning that compared to what Mass Effect visually presents on screen, FOX apathetically exhibit more of that through their various raunchy collection of TV series.