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A friend of mine wrote this piece, pretty fresh -- check it out:

My PS3 Blu-ray Summer Hunt 08.

by Jonathan Yu

With the High Def vs. Blu-ray format war is over, Blu-ray has decisively won the standard for high definition. Hence, Sony is now on a mission to creating $200-$300 ( P8,200 - P12,300) affordable Blu-ray DVD players by 2009. For this year, Playstation 3 (P15,000 or up ) still holds the most affordable Blu-ray DVD player that you can find in our market - Here's one reason to get the PS3 this year.

With the PS3 prices going down, plus the upcoming releases of the most awaited games (MGS4, Gran Turismo 5, Street Fighter IV) and the numbers of 3RROD piling-up on Xbox 360s console, Playstation 3 will definitely get Filipinos to make the big jump to the Blu-ray caravan this year. I, for one, am definitely hunting now for the best PS3 deal across Manila, these searches also includes retail stores,, and For those people planning to stay-at-home and enjoy movie marathons instead of the usual summer vacation, try checking the Blu-ray experience and be amazed on its clarity and sound quality. Although the Blu-ray movies are a little bit pricey as of the moment, I’m pretty sure that its just a matter of time these things will drop prices.

Hence for this summer, the Playstation 3 is my choice as the all-purpose entertainment console with features that extend beyond the realm of gameplay. Although it is a bit pricey at first, but when you start comparing its cost to a stand alone Blu-ray DVD player, I think it's worth the purchase.

Jonathan Yu is the Marketing Officer of the top Apple retailer in the Philippines - PowerMac Center.