Tech Feature: Zune HD

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As expected,
Microsoft has finally unveiled its answer to Apple’s iPod Touch. Slated for a late ’09 release, Zune HD brags a sizeable 3.6inch OLED touch screen, 4 to 32 GB storage options, HDMI connection, HD Radio, a web browser (let me guess, a mobile ver of IE), WiFi compatible, and powered by an NVIDIA Tegra.

Rumors abound that it’ll sport a camera plus tons of additional gaming content – this is assuming that MS understands the viability of the
iphone/touch as a mobile gaming platform. Point is, MS need not release a portable gaming device other than a Zune HD. The iPhone has proven so far that casual mobile gamers do have the purchasing intent and power for games distributed online.


i gotta go! said...

i really like how it looks! but the 32GB storage just isn't enough.