Recently, the much speculated and overly ridiculed Senator Lacson bowed down from the presidential race -- that’s one less option among the many we have for the highest post. His reasons are quite apparent, it came after the restoration of the Bobby Dacer Case plus his abysmal poll results. However, the ever-enigmatic senator chooses to site the burgeoning costs of running a campaign as the sole reason why he’s bowing down from the most coveted race in the country.

We may believe it, we may not. But his surprisingly straight forward declaration of how corrupt, twisted, and fraudulent our electoral system is should be seriously considered and taken into account. Most educated individuals know the erroneous and corruptible tendencies of our electoral process. Unfortunately, government bodies supposedly existing to serve the interest of the citizen at large disregard its purpose. The system is absolutely corrupt, and corrupt it will be until a massive reform takes place.

I propose a single independent body where all campaign contributions and funding will come from a single source. It will serve as the official medium from where all the candidates will have equal exposure to announce their platforms, proposals, and economic strategies to our countrymen. This independent body will be organized by ordinary citizens from various sectors and industries. And from there, all manner of political funding and contribution from various parties will be funneled into this organization – lobbyists alleviated in the process.

Different parties will be contributing for the electoral process not for their bets.
They’ll contribute to infuse positive action to a currently pitiful democratic system, NOT to push for their self-interests and gain. The funds will be equally distributed to each candidate, and individual campaign shows would be a thing of the past. The campaigns would require all candidates to campaign simultaneously. Each political rally would be a debate and showcase of each candidate’s charisma and intelligence in tackling various social issues plaguing our long under-developed economy.

The independent body would likewise organize events and produce ads concerning each candidate’s message or even personal branding. True, less revenue for TV networks and publications, but this approach keeps in check the expenses incurred, no more bloated campaign costs and insane amounts of TVCs flooding the airwaves.

The electoral mockery for the highest office in the land would finally end. Generations upon generations of Filipinos have suffered too long with such deceit and systematic trickery. And perhaps the integrity the
Office of President that was originally conceived would at last come into fruition.

To conclude, despite the proposed solution’s imperfection and questionable methods, it’s but one of the many possible approach we can devise to produce a more equal, fair, and democratic electoral process for the Presidency. The ultimate goal is a President for the people by the people.


dompy said...

two words, dude: as if.

pwede ring: good luck. hays.