President Obama

After a draining 2 year campaign for the White House, at long last, Barack Obama’s been declared President-Elect – making him the 44th US President and the first African American commander in chief. He not only brings in a whole new ball game in American politics but also a symbolic rise of an individual of social minority descent.

His win would set a precedent for social reform and a slew of foreign policy shifts. The Bush doctrine is over. I strongly hope that the change Obama promised and preached throughout his campaign does happen. Great leaders rise from crisis and desperate times, let Obama be that symbolic and inspiring leader that millions of Americans and the world aspire him to be.

A better future for all? We’ll see. The Obama administration will officially begin next year on the 20th of January, from there, how his administration will handle the worsening global economy and strategic foreign relation disasters the Bush administration carried out would be left to American and international scrutiny.

It’s an exciting time to witness history. To live and actively observe this momentous event in mankind's social evolution's indeed an emotional and gratifying experience.


Anonymous said...

Time for popcorn. A good show is well on its way!