Demo Democracy

Following the US elections has been a roller coaster ride through the ups and downs of the greatest democracy in the world. Sad to see election issues in the battleground state of Florida, they seem to have run out of ballots for eager voters. They unwittingly unable to predict such a high turnout of voters. Instead of finding solutions to the issue, they had no choice but to reject these voters, well, uuhh, from voting – so much for the ‘greatest democracy’ label.

Absurd! This issue shouldn’t have been an issue. The number of ballots or whatever you call the paper/material used for voting should be in the same volume as registered eligible voters in every town/state. To assume that the registered voters won’t vote and turn them away in the end is to undermine Western democracy as we know it.

As a model of democracy for which democratic nations look up to, the US ain’t much of a model.