Hot Gaming News

It’s been weeks since 3rdWorldJargon's last update on the latest in the industry that gamers so passionately love. To satiate that urge to be informed, collated the hottest and headline breaking news this week.

Dead Space Banned in 3 Countries
EA’s new IP has been the cannon fodder of market banishment for violent-phobia countries coming from the west. Read here

FarCry 2 Release
Ubisoft’s acquired IP from Crytek finally gets a firm release date next month. Read here

GTA4 at 10M
As predicted, GTA4 has reached the 10M milestone and joins the elite club of titles such as Halo, Gran Turismo, and other previous GTA releases. Read here

Tecmo Goes Cold Feet
SquareE’s bid for Tecmo fizzles. Read here


Anonymous said...

Germans, Chinese and Japanese are a bunch of hypocrites.

Chinese have no interest in human rights. They quiet down protests with violence and now they're banning a videogame because of violence?

That's just stupid.