Please Humor Me, It's a Monday (errr, Tuesday)

Not really the LOL type of sketch but witty and humorous nonetheless. Its the US elections, get familiar with it. The outcome would affect you in some cosmic way. A tortured vet or a black skinny dude, either of the two would drastically change the course of history and how global politics play out.

Been following the US elections since the DNC (Democratic National Convention) started. All the rhetorics seemed toned down compared to the mafia approach our local officials so confidently exude to signify power, status, and control. Totally. Not cool.

Seems Palin has stolen the spotlight from the other three candidates. People just can't get enough of the Alaskan conservative, her family, life story, religion, principles and values have drowned the online publications and news networks. (especially you, you republican cock sucking Fox News team)

She's been cannon fodder for toilet humor and no holds barred criticism by the left and center. One thing the dems can't downplay: Palin's incontestable impact on the election. It's a total media circus. And it's just getting started.