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Diablo 3 Art Director Axed?

Controversy over the much criticized art direction for Blizzard’s demonic dungeon crawler led to an online petition to overhaul its approach to the game’s aesthetic feel. Read

Xbox 360 Rises in the Land of the Rising Sun
Impossible you say? Well, with the latest figures, 360 could be next comeback kid. Read

Xbox Euro Boss Interview
Chris Lewis discusses 360's ochallenges, strategies and opportunities within Europe and the rest of Asia and Middle East. Read

Fable II Dated
Molyneux and Lionhead studio’s baby, Fable II, slated for a late October release window. Read

Sony’s Next LittleBigKiller App
LittleBigPlanet has garnered praises and adulations rare for a game not even out in the market. Sony touts the impact of the title for its overall gaming business. Read