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3rdWorldJargon's first foray into focused gaming news, instead of plagiarising and mirroring content of industry headliners, links should suffice. Give everyone a favor and keep yourself up to date...

“360 a better platform for contemporary games” – Carmack
The lifeblood of id Software’s business – John Carmack, argues his thoughts on developing for both the 360 and PS3. read

“We want more exclusives” – Don Mattrick
360 boss declares intent on fast forwarding creation of new IPs for first party releases. read

Quake Con 2008
Tech, women, and odor-ridden geeky men... read

Too Human Goes Gold
Dennis Dyack’s brainchild, slated to be released later this month. read


iPlayRPG said...

Goodluck on Silicon Knights, the demo for Too Human got lots of issues. Jeez Dyack, you should shut your mouth once mediocre reviews set in

Anonymous said...

Carmack and id's so 90s, they should just be bought someone like Microsoft. John Romero would have been great to push for that!

Anonymous said...

Liking the new feature articles here, plus the news, really informative, keep it up!

X360Playah said...

Too Human has been really controversial lately, played the demo, nice gameplay, got addicted. Don't know what the press is saying bout it that control sucks. Already pre-ordered