On Genocide

Genocide, a term coined by a Polish-Jewish legal scholar, Raphael Lemkin. Quite fascinating that less than a century ago, the mass extermination of a certain race, religious or ethnic group wasn’t considered a crime, nor did it violate any international laws or human rights. Not until CPPCG (Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide) was held in December 9, 1948 did the ‘term’ genocide gained its malevolence. CPPCG eventually drafted the laws against such atrocity on January 12, 1951, more than two years after the first convention.

Genocide has to be the most destructive crime humans are capable of. It en
compasses rape, torture, mutilation, murder, suppression, and all types of repugnant and morbid acts executed on a massive scale.

Why then is there such
reluctance from government bodies to acknowledge and address this burgeoning issue? By far, it has been ignored and sidelined by members of the UN and its respective members. The UN Security Council has consistently disagreed on the necessity to quickly oppose and act against it when it occurs.

CNN recently ran an investigative report on the subject matter -- recalling all the major genocides that occurred throughout the last century. One observation reverberates time and time again, the international community’s reluctance to intervene. Such apathy is highly questionable and morbidly intriguing. Why do governments shun such atrocities and disregard human life so recklessly?

With Genocide, one’s survival depend on his/her race, nationality, and ethnicity. Never mind that by default you have the right to live. Never mind that you have the right to be free from fear and oppression. Genocide is the complete dismissal and disregard of our fundamental characteristic as human beings to empathize.

The inaction of government bodies further fuels conspiracies of an ominous shadow government conducting a silent extermination of ‘useless eaters’.

Preposterous indeed, however, matched with the current facts and behavior of the UN and its major members the past half-century, the argument of a global conspiracy to rid of ‘useless’ homosapiens sounds more plausible as each new genocide bears its spiteful fa├žade.


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