The Age of Obama

So the age of Obama has begun. Beyond all the drama and repetitive hyperbole, reality sets in like a painful sting. We are in a global recession, job cuts and company closures have become the status quo these past few months. But what gives the majority of the global community that hope for a better tomorrow?

This African American US president brings in that undeniable charm and oratory skill that Bush lacked. Furthermore, he intelligently uses the illusion of change by banking on the uniqueness of his race.

He may not bring the change to Washington that he seems so intent to do, but perhaps he may have the tenacity and passion to achieve some form of change -- a more moderate, regulated, and foreign-friendly US.

In return, perhaps the financial crisis would eventually end and a less volatile environment in the global arena transpires. Here's to the next four years, err, make that 3 since on the 4th, Obama would be too preoccupied making sure he gets another 4.


-lala.kati- said...

Ummm, are you pro- or anti-Obama?? :S