The Magic Number

Gears of War sold a considerable amount of copies a couple of years ago, for it’s sequel to reach the elite club of 10 million selling titles it would have to double its sales, at an even faster rate to be even considered a blockbuster by market watchers and eager gamers.

People won’t notice the milestone of a 10 million selling title if that figure is reached within a dragged out 6 month timeline. Predictions abound that Gears of War 2 would reach that milestone in a matter of 2 to 3 months. Staggering as it may seem, it is highly possible.

Considering the marketing Microsoft Game Studios would inject to this title and the media frenzy that’s expected to match and surpass Halo 3’s and GTA IV’s, Gears of War has the potential to reach that mark as the holiday season opens as it’s slated for a November 16 release date.

Mid November has been sort of a historic and monumental date for Microsoft since they launched the first Xbox a good 8 years ago. Most of their games and console releases occurred during this time period.

It’s at a sweet spot where consumers are getting ready for christmas shopping and gift giving. Based on the consumer uptake for Gears of War back in 2006, most of MS console owners snatched up the first Gears title and that would be no different to the second iteration of this coveted franchise. Xbox 360 consumer base has grown to over 19 million console owners and by November, a near 21 to 23 million Xbox 360 owners -- a solid consumer base that would surely purchase the sequel to one of the Xbox 360’s best franchises.

As November 16 draws near, there would be significant increase of press releases and game demos plus the inevitable media hype. MS and Epic are expecting to rake in hundred of millions of dollars with this title alone besides their other big bets: Fable 2 and Banjo Nuts and Bolts.