Pill of Air

I’m back from hibernation, had a sudden attack of post traumatic stress... needed some sort of therapy after a gripping loss of a gadget very close to my heart. Oh and just to give closure to my well publicized predicament -- inquired from ‘experts’ of X360 clerics, there’s a measly 50-50 chance of survival. A chip issue concerning the system’s display capabilities I think is what caused this historic (for me at least) plight -- quite irrelevant now. Whatever scrap value I can get out of a bricked system, I’m open to it.

No entry since that fateful day, had to heal wounds, and please, I was ‘in mourning’. An epiphany struck me a few days back though, GTA 4 was released... goodness, the most anticipated game release of the year and I missed it. How could that be possible?

I was desperate, I HAD to take a pill to relive that excitement and enthusiasm in barfing out the thoughts from my convoluted soldered mind (note: ‘precise’ blending of the right and left brain; subnote: no, I am not autistic).

What pill you say? A shiny new Macbook Air. Call me a low level superficial notebook consumer, but I’m one happy low level superficial notebook consumer.

It is indeed as it was mentioned time and time again, through various reviews, posts and opinions from tech gurus and readers -- the value is in the satisfaction and pleasure of using it. Plus the obvious weight loss, been using a Macbook Pro for the past two years. Carrying a 6 pound notebook for hours on end? Ouch.

Don’t get me wrong, this ain’t a review. No reviews for notebooks here - merely a prologue to my next entry/ies.

Two things though before I end this 'prologue': I decided to get another X360 come holiday season, and perhaps save up for a new setup before end of year. Guess playing videogames can be quite seasonal, but gaming news goes on and that I’ll surely do for the following months.

Again, much thanks for visiting and reading a completely unknown videogame blogger’s work/s.


Anonymous said...

welcome back! I feel for you man... Air looks sick! Nice purchase