Here’s another round of anti-videogames remarks from a US Democrat presidential nominee to a NY Times writer...

“We’re going to have to parent better, and turn off the television set, and put the video games away, and instill a sense of excellence in our children, and that’s going to take some time.”

- Barack Obama

‘This is not because of anything wrong or bad about video games or heroin or teenage parents. It’s not even because of game-induced homicide or web-grooming of little girls by perverts - serious problems, but statistically low-risk. It’s because, compared with everything else on offer in a kid’s life, video games and heroin and teenage pregnancy are a colossal waste of time.’

- from NY Times Byron Review

On Obama:

You’re 46, you may seem the younger choice among the US presidential lineup but you sure do have the same aging vantage point on what video games is to the populace. Isn’t it through televisions, you were propelled from an unknown US senator to becoming the next US President? You’ve spent millions on donors cash to air your campaigns ads -- at least pay some respect to the medium that brought you to where you are.

What assurances are there that when a child turns off the videogame systems will he/she excel in life? There are numerous professionals who are earning top dollar developing games. Video games is an art, an expression, where excellence can stem from numerous facets. Don’t undermine the potential of this medium to create and inspire a whole new generation of creatives and artists.

To say that video games leads to failure and mediocrity is a pathetic narrow perspective that is commonly associated to individuals who haven't experienced and witnessed the rich emotions, memories attached to gaming.

On the Byron Review:

Great sarcasm. You had the mercy to state that videogames is neither ‘wrong' nor 'bad’ although as if to confuse the readers, through the rest of the paragraph, lambast the hobby by comparing it to highly proven and factual activities that deter humans from success and happiness.

Oh, so you think that ‘game-induced homicide or web-grooming of little girls’ ain’t ‘wrong or bad’? Why sarcastically characterize videogames as something neutral from the start then sarcastically contradict it throughout? Absurd.

At least now readers know how narrowly minded you are, it’s quite clear to any level headed individual that video games compared to Heroin and Teen pregnancy is entirely in a different aspect on its effects to people. Your arguments are essentially flawed, just shut up, and try to understand this form of entertainment before you publish another misinformed and one track minded editorial.